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Steve M, Chief Organic Officer
June 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012


The majority of my time at canning camp was taken up by making teas. About six of us sat around the dining room table and took the lavender, chamomile, st. john's wart, cat nip, and yarrow that had been drying for a couple weeks off of their stems. We put them into separate jars and now we have some dried herbs for tea and dried lavender for sachets. The chamomile was the most interesting to me because all you have to do is pinch the little flower and it all falls apart. It was a little difficult though because they were so delicate. A lot of them had already fallen apart just while they were drying in the box.

The room was such a potpourri of smells, though I'm sure the lavender had an effect on all of us considering we all looked like we could fall asleep at a moments notice . However for me the onions being cut in the other room affected me a little more. I did not think my eyes could ever sting that much it felt like some kind of chemical had gotten into my eye. I took a break after that and watched a little of the olympics with my brother and cousin. As far as I know no one has actually tried any tea yet, but the lavender sure smells amazing.

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