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Steve M, Chief Organic Officer
June 2012

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vinnie Goes Home

At just 5 months old a little white faced cross breed Hereford /Angus came to live at Holliday Farms RR.  Though he had the chickens and Jack the little white terrior dog to keep him company at night he dreamed of his home and the herd he left behind.
Every day he had nice fresh green grass to eat and plenty of water. He even had a nice new salt lick to share with the deer who would tip toe silently into the pasture in the middle of the night when farmer Steve was fast asleep.
Even the funny spotted fawns who would leap into the air playing couldn’t keep Vinnie (as his friends called him) from dreaming of farmer Dale’s farm and his family.
Early one Saturday morning (after he had an especially happy dream of home) a strong breeze came rolling through the meadow.  In the breeze was a familiar smell. It was the smell of his home herd and he thought if he followed it maybe he would see his family again.
He went over to the fence and nudged his strong head right under the barbed wire and followed the scent of home.  What he didn’t count on was the strange  black hard surface that he encountered on his way.
He would find a stretch of open field and then these hard black hot surfaces with fast creatures whizzing by.  So he avoided these and stuck to the stream that he was used to.  He thought he was getting closer when a farmer he didn’t know saw him and tried to trap him. He got away but the farmer alerted other farmers and the word got back to farmer Steve.
Farmer Steve understood Vinnie’s wanderlust and brought him back home with the help of farmer Dale who also knew Vinnie and how to talk to him.  The two of them and some very smart cowboys took Vinnie back to Farmer Steve’s only to find out that family is stronger than any fence and when they all realized this they took Vinnie home to join his family again and everyone held a big fiesta.