Welcome to Holiday Farms RR,

We are a large family with lots of friends who value being together to learn as we experience the beautiful outdoors and all that nature gives us right at home!
Through this blog we hope to encourage all who love the world around us to experience new ways to sustain a fun and productive outdoor lifestyle in your own backyard.
We have a dedicated staff of capable/ no genius contributors with a smile always on their face.

Steve M, Chief Organic Officer
June 2012


Vinnie the Steer 
The fields with Vinnie in the back

Jack as a Cloud
Trixie, Taylor, Toby and Penny

Baby Chicks


Frogs from the Pond


  1. Hey you have got a huge house and a backyard. It is simply lovely and it is really fun to have a large and a loving family.

  2. Wow... You really have a mini zoo at your place. I wish i could visit your place to see this. I love animals and places near to nature.